If you’ve never had massage therapy or reflexology before you’ve probably got some questions that you would like answering. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy positively contributes to one’s general health and wellness. It involves manipulating the body’s soft tissue (Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons & Connective tissues) to help relieve pain and stiffness associated with stress, tension, injury and other conditions.

What are the benefits of Massage Therapy?

Massage helps manage pain, reduce stress, improve circulation, decrease muscle tension, ease breathing difficulties, lower blood pressure, reduce headaches, improve mobility, promote sleep, manage anxiety & depression and helps improve your overall wellness. Massage therapy is a great way to help enhance both your mental and physical well being.

What should I expect during my first Massage Therapy appointment?

You will be asked to fill out a brief health questionnaire. Afterward the therapist will begin by asking you general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions needing to be addressed, and to determine if massage is appropriate for you. Your massage therapist may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition and to see if you have any presenting complaints. It is important to list all health concerns and medications so the therapist can adapt the session to your specific needs without doing any harm. It is also important to list any allergies so the therapist is aware if he/she needs to use a different oil or lotion during the sessions.

Do I have to be completely undressed?

You should undress to the level you are comfortable with. You will always be asked to leave your underpants on & that the underpants be well fitting. If removing all your clothes makes you too nervous and unable to relax, then you are not getting the optimal benefit from the session.

What do I do during a Massage Therapy session?

Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, she/he will either move you or will ask you to move what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It’s up to you. It is your massage, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

Will the massage hurt?

This depends on the type of massage and the depth of the strokes. All massages provided by Moorland Massage Therapies are “therapeutic”, but should not be “painful”. You may find that during some treatments there is a sensation of “good pain” as problem areas are worked upon. Communication between client & therapist ensures that all treatments are kept within each individuals comfort zone. Pain can be an indication that the muscle is possibly injured or inflamed and pressure should be adjusted. Also, pain can cause you to tighten up and negate the relaxing effects of the massage. The most effective and deepest massage always works with your body’s natural response, not against it.

How will I feel after my massage therapy treatment?

Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience a significant decrease or freedom from long-term aches and pains. Many feel a little slowed down for a short period and then notice an increase of energy, heightened awareness and increased productivity which can last for days. If you received a deep massage, you may be slightly sore the next day - much like a good workout at the gym. Sometimes a hot shower, or a soak in the tub can ease this soreness. After your session you should increase your water intake a bit. Just a glass or two more than normal is usually fine. This helps keep your body’s tissues hydrated and healthy.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient therapy that has been practised for over 5000 years. The primary concept of Reflexology is that the hands & feet are mirrors of the body and it’s organs. In this way the hands and feet are ‘mini maps’ of the body. The treatment involves applying finger or thumb pressure to specific areas or ‘reflex points’, using relaxation and therapeutic touch techniques.

How will reflexology help me?

The modern world is a very busy place, and our wide and varied roles within it, can sometimes result in us dealing with stress, injury and illness. When the body is out of balance due to tension, exhaustion, anxiety or depression this is often when illness or health conditions can develop. Reflexology can be one of the ways you chose to help ease the impact of modern life & improve your wellbeing.

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

The many benefits of Reflexology include:
• Improved mood
• Increased energy levels
• Relief from stress, anxiety and tension • Improved sleep
• Feelings of deep relaxation
• Better circulation
• Better health & wellbeing

What should I expect during my first Reflexology appointment?

A full consultation and medical history will be taken on your first visit to make sure that reflexology is right for you. You will then remove your shoes and socks and be reclined in a chair to receive the treatment. It is a very easy treatment to receive, and is therefore suitable for all age groups. It is deeply relaxing, but can be a little sore and uncomfortable in places where the reflex points may be congested.

How will I feel after my Reflexology treatment?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy which aims to treat the whole individual, both physically and emotionally. It’s effects therefore vary from person to person; most people experience a sense of deep relaxation and wellbeing, whilst others find it energising and uplifting.

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